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Online Training Courses - Ornamental Pests

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Insect Pests of Ornamentals

Dr. Jennifer Gillett-Kaufman & Dave Palmer
UF/IFAS Entomology & Nematology Department & UF/IFAS Hillsborough County Extension

By the end of this module, the participant will learn to identify common ornamental insect pests. Scale, aphid, and whiteflies are a few of the insects to be covered. Scouting and management techniques will be discussed, and the importance of pesticide labels will be emphasized.

Completion Time: 25-35 minutes
Cost: $15.00 US

Nematode Pests of Ornamentals and Turfgrass

Dr. Billy Crow
UF/IFAS Entomology & Nematology Department

This module discusses parasitic nematodes and how to sample for them. There are many types of pest nematodes, each of which causes different symptoms in turf and ornamentals. By the unit’s end, the participant will be able to identify a nematode infestation based on visual symptoms and know how to sample for the microscopic worms.

Completion Time: 50-60 minutes.
Cost: $20.00 US

Mulches & Ornamental Weed IPM

Gary Brinen & Dr. Phil Busey
UF/IFAS Alachua County Extension & UF/IFAS Ft. Lauderdale REC

In this module, the participant will learn the definition of a weed, weed management practices, and methods to stop the spread of invasive exotic weeds. The participant will also compare mulch types and recognize the appropriate use of mulch for weed management.

Completion Time: 15-20 minutes
Cost: $10.00 US

Ornamentals Plant Health - Diseases

Dr. Phil Harmon
UF/IFAS Plant Pathology Department

This module teaches the participant about the diseases and disorders of ornamentals and how diseases may spread. Disease management techniques are discussed, as well as signs and symptoms of diseases.

Completion Time: 25-35 minutes
Cost: $15.00 US
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