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Online Training Courses - Landscape Maintenance

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IPM for Businesses

Tools to start or improve an IPM Landscape business.

Integrated Plant Health

Information covering popular aspects of plant health including non-pest problems and beneficial insects.

Turfgrass Pests

Information on insects, diseases, weeds and nematodes that impact turfgrass.

Monitoring and Scouting

Learn techniques for scouting, monitoring, and sampling for pests.

Ornamental Pests

Information on insects, diseases, weeds and nematodes that impact landscape ornamentals.


Overviews of hot topics including pesticide safety and dealing with nature.


Understand more about urban soils and how to improve these soils to promote healthy plant growth.


Learn more about trees, shrubs, lawngrass, groundcovers and palms. This section also includes information on palm diseases and nutrient deficiencies.


Learn more about care and use of popular tools for landscape maintenance.


Information covering aspects of irrigation including identification of common components and general maintenance practices.

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