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Florida 4-H: Overnight Chaperone Training

The Florida 4-H Overnight Chaperone Certification Training was developed in 2009 and implemention started in 2010. In 2013, those certified in 2010 will need to be re-certified.


• 21 years of age  

• Completed and passed screening/background check  

• Received recommendation of your county 4-H agent

• Complete and pass face-to-face and on-line training

• Handout: Florida 4-H Chaperone Guidebook


1. Complete a Volunteer Leader Application & Screening

2. Attend Section I & II with a 4-H agent or trained volunteer;

3. Complete the Chaperone Survey (Precourse) before attending the class

4. Complete Section III, IV, V, and VI on-line

5. Complete the Certification Test and Chaperone Survey (Postcourse)


• If you pass your certification test (80% or higher), see your county 4-H agent for your certificate.

  • If you should get a score of less than 80%, see you county 4-H agent.


Certification is good for 3 years (Sample Certificate)

You may elect to be in a State pool of chaperones for various state event

• If you do not pass, see your county 4-H agent for instructions on re-taking the course.



A complete copy of all the handouts for the course is located at go to VOLUNTEERS then CHAPERONE CERTIFICATION

This set includes the following modules:

Section III: 4-H Events, Section IV: Ages & Stages of Youth Development, Section V: Behavior Management, Conflict Resolution, Section VI: Health, Medical, and Safety

Cost: free
Limited Time Offer!! All for-sale items reduced by 50% (applied at checkout).
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